EARTHAIRA: One planet, two worlds, one fate…


Eons ago, when the Wise Ones held dominion over a planet they called Earthaira, one of their own, driven mad by toying with Dark Magic, devised an instrument to give him godlike power. But his plan went badly wrong. Instead of making him a god, the Sun Stones split Earthaira into two dimensions and disintegrated the Unwise One.

The two dimensions, which the Wise Ones named Earth and Thaira, could not be rejoined without destroying one of them, so they created three new instruments: the Rift Compass, the Water Wheel, and the Storm Sword. The Rift Compass allowed the Wise Ones to travel between Earth and Thaira, and the elemental instruments were designed to maintain the delicate ecological balance between the two dimensions.

To guard against resurgent Dark Magic, the Wise Ones imbued the Sun Stones with ultimate power over the planet, then warded them against evil and hid them. Only the worthiest of their descendants would be able to find and wield the Sun Stones, should they be needed.

The Rift Compass and elemental instruments they also hid, but taught initiates where to find them and how to wield them if it became necessary to restore the balance, so that one dimension would never thrive at the expense of the other.

The Wise Ones combined their own genes with those of the dominant species of each dimension in order to create good stewards for the divided planet. But as the eons passed and the Wise Ones died out, the story of the Unwise One and the Sun Stones was all but lost. Blurred and distorted, it became the stuff of myth and legend. Yet the truth lay dormant in some few in each generation whose genetic heritage descended in a straight line from the Wise Ones.

For millennia, the balance held and Earth and Thaira thrived, their populations growing and spreading across continents. Natural weather cycles sometimes gave rise to seasons of drought or flood, but the balance always righted itself. No one knew any longer about the Rift Compass, or the elemental instruments, or the Sun Stones and their terrible secret.

But one day, the legend says, Dark Magic will rise again. Drought and flood, fire and famine, harsh rule and brutal injustice will reign over Earth and Thaira. Then the Sun Stones will awaken, and the fate of both dimensions will hang in the balance…